About Us


PROFILUX was founded in 2004 as a subsidiary of the Czech company Lucis.

Lucis was founded five years earlier and is currently one of the renowned European manufacturers of interior lighting. In addition to the domestic market, it also supplies its luminaires very successfully abroad.

In order to be able to solve complete designs and projects of lighting systems for all interior and exterior applications, which cannot be accomplished only with Lucis product range, the project company PROFILUX was established with qualified and experienced staff.

PROFILUX deals with lighting designs, processing of lighting projects, consulting in the field of lighting and the supply of luminaires and complete lighting systems. For these activities, in addition to the luminaires of the parent company, it uses luminaires and other components for lighting technology from many proven domestic and foreign suppliers.

We listen to architects, designers, interior designers and investors and help them to create objects in which architectural lighting is an integral part of their aesthetic and functional properties.